The origins of Cordoba are lost in the mists of time. Its position by the river and the fertile farming land of the Campiña made it a perfect place for the first prehistoric settlements. However, it was not until the late Bronze Age (8th/9th century B.C.) when the first proper settlement was established. After the arrival of the Phoenicians and Greeks on the peninsula, the city became known as an important mining and commercial centre, since the River Guadalquivir was then navigable as far as Cordoba. This facilitated the spread of artistic and commercial products and made for easier communication with the main cities of the period.

Córdoba Monuments, The world heritage site

Cordoba is a city of orange blossom and dark eyes, a silhouette embraced by the river Guadalquivir. Every inch of this city exudes an ancient wisdom, passed down by the different races which have occupied the city since time immemorial. From its earliest prehistoric settlements, through the Roman and Moslem occupations, Cordoba has always enjoyed a mixture of cultures and races which has been one of its most precious possessions, along with its unbeatable monuments and impressive cultural legacy. So much so, that in 1994, the UNESCO declared part of the old historic centre of Cordoba a World Heritage Site.

What makes a visit to Cordoba such an unforgettable experience is precisely this melting pot of the cultures which once inhabited the city. Stepping out of one period of history and into another is as easy as turning the corner into another street or passing from the rows of columns in the Mosque into the Christian cathedral.

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What to do

Relax at arabic baths

Bullet   Baños Árabes Al Ándalus
Bullet   Baños Árabes de Córdoba

Nights of Charm in Cordoba

Cordoba, a city of encounters among cultures, a World Heritage City where history has left its mark over thousands of years, comes alive each summer as a scene for a wide range of artistic events which enthrall the public.

During the nights of July and August, Cordoba and its province host wonderful equestrian shows, Flamenco nights in the historic centre, music, dance and theatre festivals, guided tours, artistic performances set in historic monuments or picturesque places, performances of classical, sephardic and jazz music, poetry recitals, storytelling, magic, cinema and a whole range of activities which make each night something special.

Cordoba has, then, a unique experience to offer on those warm summer nights, where culture and art fill every street, square and corner with their magic and charm.

Walking Tours of Cordoba

Walking Tours of Cordoba consists of a night-time guided visit on foot of about 2 hours in length through the streets, squares and places of interest in the old quarter of Cordoba accompanied by an official tourist board guide giving explanations in three languages. There are theatrical representations of historic figures and the obligatory stop in a traditional tavern to have a drink and a tapa.

DEPARTURE: From the Tourist Information Point in Plaza de las Tendillas (main square)

2011-2012 SCHEDULE:
-From 16th September to 12th November 2011: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 pm (except 2nd and 9th November - there is no Walking tour)
-From 18th November 2011 to 31st March 2012: Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm.

Public holidays and prior days: Ask at the Tourist Information Points or by telephone on +34 902 201 774


Tablao Flamenco El Cardenal (El Cardenal Flamenco Bar)

In Cordoba, in the Jewish Quarter only a short walk from the Mosque-Cathedral, is El Cardenal Flamenco Bar.

Every night you can enjoy National Award winners on guitar, dance and song. If you visit Cordoba, don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the Magic of Flamenco.

Address         C/ Torrijos, 10 Telephone         +34 957483112

La Bulería

Address         C/ Pedro López, 3 Telephone         +34 957 483 839

Perol Flamenco

Enjoy a typical Cordoban home-made rice dish, known as a “Perol”, prepared with top quality ingredients and cooked slowly with the same loving care and dedication shown by mothers and grandmothers in days of yore. This recipe, handed down in gatherings and conversations with many Cordoban housewives, is a real delicacy and a delight for any discerning palate. We also take vegetarians into account by offering this exquisite traditional dish in its vegetarian version. The food is served with an excellent local wine.

After a wonderful meal and an excellent wine, a group of Cordoban flamenco artists will offer authentic Flamenco performances with all the magic and mystery that has made this art form, with its Andalusian roots, so universally admired.

So, to sum up, come and enjoy:
- A home-made “perol” rice dish
- Select wine from a local wine-cellar
- Flamenco from local Cordoban artists

- Dates: Every day
- Time: 8.30 pm

Address         C/ Velázquez Bosco, 10 (frente a la Calleja de las Flores) Telephone         +34 647 71 12 66