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Roquetas del Mar:
Playa de Cerillos, ssouth of Roquetas del Mar
Playa de Enix

Cabo de Gata:
Between Gabo de Gata and San José Cala Carbón
El Borronal, San Jose de Matibran

Las Negras:
Cala de San Pedro

Playa de los Muertos, 30 min. walk south of Roldan

Playas de Macenas, El Sombrerico and La Granatilla, south of Indalo

El Playazo, between Garrucha and Villaricos, Hotel Vera Playa Club, Vera Natura etc.

San Juan de los Terreros:
Playa de la Carolina



Playa del Puerto, at the of Paseo Marítimo of Almuñecar direction to Malaga
Playas de Cantarrija, La Herradura
Playa de la Joya in Torrenueva, next to the light house of Sagratif, 5 Km east of Motril



Playa de Guadalmar "many textil:("

Costa Natura Holidays (N-340 km 151)

Playa de la Dunas Cabopino (N340 Km 195)

Playa de las Yucas, Benalnatura N340 Km.218 next to Casino Torrequebrada

Torre del Mar:
Centro Almanat

Calas de Maro N340 Km 220

Malaga Car hire - no coaches direct from the airport




El Puerto de Santa María
Playa de Levante

Playa de Punta Candor

Conil de la Frontera:
Calas de Poniente (Cala del Tio Juan Medina , Urb.Roche and Cabo Roche
Cala de Peneque
Cala de Melchor y del Aceite
Cala Sudario Pitones
Cala de Camacho

Calas con Caños de Meca
El Palmar- Zahora (one of the best of Cadiz) richt of the light house of Trafalgar
Playa de Castilnovo
Mangueta (Vejer de la Frontera)
Playa de los Alemanes (Not far from Zahara de los Atunes)

Playa de Bolonia, west of Tarifa, 7 Km to Baelo Caludia



Punta Umbría
Playa de la Mata Negra o los Enebrales

Playa de nueva Umbria (Road from La Antilla to El terron.

Playa Cuesta Maneli
Playa de Matalascañas
Playa de Castilla


The meanings of naturism and nudism are virtually identical , and refer to a cultural and political movement practicing, advocating and defending social nudity in private and public spaces. Several other terms ("social nudity", and recently: "clothes free" ) have been proposed as a replacement of these terms, but none of them has yet found the same wide-spread acceptance as the older terms naturism and nudism. The movement includes a large range of variants including "naturism", "nudism", "Freikrperkultur (FKK)", the "free beach movement" as well as generalized "public lands/public nudity" advocacy. While there is a large amount of shared history and common themes, issues, and philosophy; differences between these separate movements are sometimes contentious. The usage of these terms varies geographically; people in the US often prefer the term nudism, while people in Europe more often than not refer to themselves as naturists . The predominant movement centers on established, family-friendly, non-sexualized variations. The inclusion of the "topfree equality" movement within this movement is under debate. Use of the word "clothes free" has also been used when preceding other words as a descriptive term, some arguing that it allows more inclusion of both the naturist and nudist philosophy, which are arguably similar in many regards. The movement also works in parallel to and sometimes influences and is influenced by popular culture as well as individuals and activists (see clothes free people) as well as organizations (see clothes free organizations).

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Article from the Sur in English

Naturism: getting down to bare facts
Laura Caorsi

Thousands of Spaniards are taking to a naturist life-style that is more than sand and sea

It has often been said that Spain is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. One can do just about what one likes in this country, as long as nobody is unreasonably upset by it. And the law is on one’s side. Anything that is not prohibited in writing is allowed, and strange as it may seem to some foreigners living here, nudism in public is not prohibited by law in Spain. Yes, you can strip to the bare skin and take a stroll down any street in Spain, and nobody can prevent you from doing so. The offense by which streakers - or simple strollers in the nude - were formerly punished was ‘public scandal,’ and that ceased to exist in 1995.

But there is a catch. One can be copped for ‘exhibitionism and sexual provocation.’ This raises a few interesting questions relating to the definition of exhibitionism and sexual provocation, but as far as public nudism is concerned, it could mean that one cannot strip publicly in the presence of minors, for example. The law has yet to be tested on this issue.

The naturist associations in Spain are happy enough about it, nevertheless. “Being nude in public does not in itself imply sexual intent, and therefore the law against exhibitionism and sexual provocation does not apply,” says a spokesperson for one naturist association.

But the law is one thing and social acceptance is quite another. Naturism is still confined to specific places in Spain, usually beaches and tourist complexes., while naturism is still called ‘nudism’ by many people, and generally regarded as something practiced by eccentric foreigners. Little is known about the real world of naturism, and the result is often suspicion and ridicule.


Naturism beaches Andalusia

Naturist hotels and resorts

Naturism Hotels and resorts

HOTEL AND RESORTS (Family Naturism)

Hotel Vera Playa Club ****

Telf 950 467475 und Fax 950467476
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Vera Almeria

Costa Natura

Telf :95 2808065 Fax: 95 2808074


Naturism Camping

Camping Vera Natura

Next to Hotel Vera Playa Club

Camping & Bungalows ALMANAT (NATURIST)

Crtra. N- 340 Km 269, Carril Torrealta, s/n.
29749 - Almayate
Málaga (Naturist camping of Almanat)

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